One of the many blessings that we have living here in central Florida is that due to the mild winters many things can be done outdoors that are not suggested in colder climates. One of these things is the ability to plant trees like those in the picture that Toms Ponds planted at the beautiful Cheval Golf and Country Club. These trees are all conifers (those that bear cones for both seeds and pollen).  This assortment of evergreen trees are: Florida Red Cedar, Arizona Blue Cypress, Hetzi Juniper, Leyland Cypress, Parsoni Juniper, Densa Slash Pine, and the Southern Cedar. It is most appropriate to plant these trees in the Greater Tampa Bay area winters. Planting these and other trees that flourish here require less watering-in than if planted in any other season. And come springtime, these newly planted trees will have a head start to the new growing season. This is also recommended with deciduous trees (those that shed leaves annually, i.e. the Bald Cypress, which is also a conifer, or the Sycamore which is a broadleaf). The rule of thumb is that if the particular tree can withstand the severest of central Florida winters without the fear of frost or temperture damage, than the winter time is a great time of year to plant!


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